Tips for Tasty Coffee for Home Workers


We love to drink it(coffee). An average of 3.2 cups of coffee is consumed per day. This is about 150 litres of coffee on an annual basis. However, we do spend more money, namely 20 percent. Since the corona crisis, we mainly drink coffee indoors.

How do you make sure it is just as delicious as at your favourite café around the corner or at the office?


The world drinks an average of 2.25 billion cups of coffee a day.

Why do we drink coffee?

Most people drink coffee because they like it and because it gives them a boost. In the experience of many people, coffee provides that little bit of extra energy that they sometimes desperately need, especially in times of stress, fatigue and little sleep.

Some people experience increased focus from drinking coffee. For many, coffee is a regular part of at least the morning ritual. Coffee is also a favourite choice during office hours. Besides water, coffee is the most popular drink.

By soaking at home and closing the catering industry, we have to rely on our own coffee arts. How do you ensure that your coffee at home is just as delicious or perhaps better than that of the coffee bar in your area? That in itself is not that complicated because the essential ingredient and the best seasoning is love.

So make sure you brew your coffee with love and attention. It is also vital that you regularly clean your coffee machine. This ensures a better quality of your coffee. Tip: Add a little baking soda and vinegar to the water, then leave it in the appliance overnight and clean it thoroughly the next morning.

Prepare coffee at home with a coffee machine

There are several ways to prepare coffee at home. A coffee machine or an espresso machine provides extra quality, mainly because of the fresh coffee beans. Due to the popularity of coffee, there are more and more different coffee machines for sale in various price ranges.

In addition to a coffee maker or a coffee machine, you can also manually brew filter coffee. For many coffee lovers, slowly pouring hot water manually into a coffee filter is their favourite method of brewing coffee.

In any case, if you want to make better coffee, you have to buy better coffee. Whole bean coffee, for example, is much fresher and has a powerful taste. It is a natural product, namely the seed of a fruit, and over time the beans lose their flavour. Two weeks after roasting, the coffee taste is at its best.

So make sure to buy coffee beans that have just been roasted. And then, there is the coffee grinder to grind the coffee beans. Just an investment, but it is certainly worth it. Make sure your coffee grinder is set to the correct coarseness.

In addition to espresso and black coffee, it is, of course, also possible to make a cappuccino or latte at home. Outdoors, nearly thirty percent of the coffee sold is milk. Primarily the cappuccino is sold a lot. Lately, the Britains are increasingly drinking this coffee variety with soy and oat milk.

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