Fun Facts about Coca Cola Drink


Everyone knows the bottle with the red article though, Coke!

You can get it anywhere in the world, but did you know that there was cocaine used in the Coke?

There are many other interesting Fun Facts about Coca Cola you will read in this article!

Coca Cola logo:

It is true. Previously there was included a small portion of cocaine in coca cola. In the plant there are small traces of cocaine. If this then processed into a drink you get a small amount of drugs inside.

This also explains the name of coca cola that is named after the plant. Another name for Coke ‘coke’ and this is again leading off the drugs.

Do not worry because the leaves were already dealing in the early 20th century. The small amount of cocaine is then been used. So drink especially becomes a bit more delicious Coke because there is no cocaine but more caffeine.

Other interesting Fun Facts about Coca Cola include:

|- That Coca Cola was invented by John Pemberton pharmacist which it developed as a medicine for headaches and fatigue.

|- The Name Coca Cola comes from two ingredients namely an extract of coca leaves and kola nuts.

|- Coca Cola origin green without puncture.

|- That the recipe is top secret.

|- That this recipe in an underground vault is the Trust Company of Georgia in the US

|- That Coca Cola Santa made a face.

|- That the trucks that transport Coca Cola all have been labelled “hazardous materials”.

|- That In several states in the US they utilize Coca Cola to withdraw blood from the road after an accident.

|- That you can remove the acid grease stains from clothes and clean the toilet weeks.

|- That if you put a bone in a glass of cola, it is resolved after two hours.

|- That a fingernail in 4 hours dissolves in cola.

|- That this is because there is acid in it.

|- That Phosphoric one of the main causes of osteoporosis. (Abnormality of the bones)

|- That Coca Cola light aspartame (sweetener) and in that this is harmful to the nervous system.

|- That Coca Cola in 1894 was sold in bottles for the first time.

|- That Coca Cola was sold in cans in 1955.

|- That the shape of the bottle is made in the shape of a woman, or so people thought which went on sale up considerably.

|- That, in reality, the shape of the bottle is derived from the cocoa bean.

|- That the Coca Cola brand is the best known brand in the world.

|- That Coca Cola is the most famous and drinking soda in the world.

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