Video Referencing a “United Reich” Removed From Trump Accounts


A video referring to a “United Empire,” a term reminiscent of Nazi Germany, was pulled from Donald Trump’s social networks on Tuesday. This happened after fierce criticism from the Democratic camp.


“What took so long?” responded James Singer, a campaign spokesman for Democratic Chairman Joe Biden. He calculated that the video had been online for 19 hours on Truth Social, the Republican candidate’s network.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre promised that Joe Biden would speak out directly on the matter, stating that it is “appalling, abhorrent and shameful for anyone to promote content associated with Nazi Germany.” Adolf Hitler”.

“What will happen after Donald Trump’s victory? What can we expect for America?” asks the voiceover of this 30-second video, published by Donald Trump’s account on his platform. It shows imaginary headlines in the event of the 77-year-old businessman’s victory in November.

While newspapers run headlines with “The economy is booming!” or “The Border is Closed,” a fictional headline refers to “The Creation of a United Reich.” The word “Reich” is most commonly used to refer to Nazi Germany.

Donald Trump’s campaign team has assured that this was an external and accidental error. “This was not a campaign video, it was created by an account and republished by an employee who did not see the word (Reich),” a spokeswoman for the Republican’s campaign team, Karoline Leavitt, told AFP.

Donald Trump, who is on trial in New York, did not answer a press question about this subject.

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