Oppo and Nokia Bury the Hatchet Over 5G Patents


Oppo has entered a licensing agreement with Nokia regarding its 5G patents. This would allow the company to distribute smartphones in many European countries again.


Oppo and Nokia have been involved in lawsuits for about two years regarding using 5G technology in Chinese brands’ smartphones.

Nokia says it has patents on the technology for which Oppo has not paid. The dispute led, among other things, to a ban on selling Oppo smartphones in Germany and some other European countries.

But that is now coming to an end. Both companies have signed an agreement under which Oppo pays licensing fees to Nokia. How much licensing costs are not stated. This already means that Oppo will soon be able to distribute more models of its smartphones in European countries.

Specific models were sold in our country in recent years, but the Find X series, for example, did not come to Europe.

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