Koh Phangan THAILAND-Useful Full Moon Party Ideas


Have you ever been to a full moon party in Thailand?

If yes, then you might have heard about Koh Phangan. But if you have not visited the county till now, you are missing something within the world. Within your whole life, you will find a time when you can visit Thailand and enjoy the full moon party at Koh Phangan. However, being a novice in the country, you might face many problems during the party, but if you become known to it, you can enjoy every bit of it.

So, check out some useful full moon party ideas that are beneficial to enjoy the full moon party at Koh Phangan.


Full Moon Party Ideas 1-World’s Largest Free Party:

Every year about 30K and counting visitors visit the country to enjoy this special and mostly free party. Most of the time, people will be seen selling tickets for the party. But interestingly, the cost of each ticket will be very less i.e. nearly $3, which is reasonable for such an awesome party.

Full Moon Party Ideas 2-Money Matters:

To visit this beach and enjoy the party, you need to maintain a good amount in your wallet. From hiring a taxi to the spot, buying the tickets and a few other routes may cause you to spend money. But as you are going to be mess-up at the party, it’s better to save your money in safe hands. Either visit the spot without money or keep it in some hidden location.

Full Moon Party Ideas 3-Play With Fire:

Till now, you have only heard of the idiom “playing with fire”, but here, you will experience it. You have skipped the ride in the gym or any fitness club. But when the fire meets the skipping role, you are going to visualize the eight wonders that you are going to play with. Many people love to enjoy even the bad, so they enjoy this event with full spark and energy.

Full Moon Party Ideas 4-Be Aware of Drugs and Support Police:

For a few years, the special police have been kept on hold, it can’t be used at this point. Being a high-level party, the sea mafia finds it the best place to enhance vitamin intake. Also, before giving money to someone, please cross check about the visiting spot without any alert.

Full Moon Party Ideas 5-Don’t Miss Any Second Of Night:

Some of the excitement comes just with the name of the party. And the rest is when you reach the destination and enjoy the neon light environment. It’s all up to you. Enjoy the party and don’t sleep till sunrise if you want to make it memorable. But if you are just fed up and feeling highly tired, you are wasting your precious time at the beach and will miss a lot by sleeping in the night. There day starts at night.

Additional Idea-[Full Moon Party Outfit]

A big question is what to wear at on full moon party in Thailand, an outfit is the most important part of your full moon night trip. Most famous full moon party outfits are miniskirts, bikinis, thongs, coloured T-shirts and shorts. Don’t forget to wear your flip flop, this is the best item for you to put on so that you can enjoy the sand, and water and surely can dance with ease.

So, what are you up to? If you are still in a confused state of mind that whether you should plan your trip to Thailand, then you should again read these full moon party ideas thoroughly and set up your mindset for this rocking party.

Thailand is calling you!

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