Travelling? Then Take Care of Yourself and the World


Summer is in full swing, so many enjoy well-deserved vacations in exotic destinations, by the sea or in the mountains. Nowadays you can’t avoid considering how to travel as environmentally friendly as possible. Of course, you immediately think about how and how far you travel, but have you also thought about the beauty products you take with you?

Of course, one of the things we love is travelling. While relaxing and having fun, it’s essential to use products that don’t forget the world but also your skin and hair. They must protect you well and take care of you against the intense sun, salty sea water, chlorine in swimming pools and humid air in tropical places.

Six tips for good care in the summer

Some valuable tips to keep your hair healthy and radiant during your holiday!

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Just as your body is thirsty during hot days, your skin and hair also need hydration. The summer season can dry out both your skin and hair enormously due to the heat and salt of the sea.

Therefore, you must drink more water, especially in hot and sunny areas, to prevent your skin from wrinkling, forming rough spots or flakes, and your hair looking dull, feeling rough, becoming too oily, and losing volume. Therefore always take a moisturizing cream and conditioner with you, preferably with UV protection.

2. Protect Yourself From UV Rays:

Prolonged sun exposure can not only damage your skin; the UVA and UVB rays can also affect the scalp and hair cuticles. Wear a hat or scarf to shield your hair. In addition, unique hair products on the market offer UV protection. Before heading to the beach or pool, apply a hair serum or spray with UV protection to give your hair an additional layer of protection.

3. Avoid Overusing Styling Tools:

While on vacation, we often want to look our best, but daily use of styling tools such as blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons can damage your hair. Ensure you let your hair dry naturally as much as possible and give it a break from heat use. If you do want to style, use a heat protectant first.

4. Care And Protection After Swimming:

The seawater can dry out your hair, while chlorinated water can damage it and cause a green tint to coloured hair. Before you dive into the pool, rinse your hair with plain water to saturate it. As a result, it will absorb less chlorinated water. One way to protect hair from swimming damage is using a leave-in conditioner. Sprinkle your locks before swimming, and then rinse the product.

If you have colour-treated hair, you may be extra worried about the pool water damaging it. Use a colour-protectant shampoo after your dip in the pool, or consider wearing a swim cap to protect your hair from chlorine fully.

5. Natural Hair Products And Hair Masks:

Use a naturally ‘soft’ shampoo and treat your hair to a natural hair mask to restore moisture after a long day in the sun. Coconut oil, aloe vera and avocado are great natural ingredients that moisturize your hair and make it shine again.

You can also look for local products specifically designed for hair care in that region at your vacation destination. Also convenient, shampoo bars! They occupy less space in your luggage and do not jump up in your suitcase.

6. Brush With Care:

Saltwater and wind can tangle your hair, so be careful when brushing. Start at the bottom and gradually work up to reduce tangles without damaging your hair. Use a wide tooth comb or brush for a softer approach.

With these simple but effective tips, you can keep your hair and skin in top condition while enjoying your well-deserved vacation and caring about a sustainable world at the same time!

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