Google Increases Options to Delete Explicit Private Photos


Google users now have more control over the findability of their personal information on the search engine. For example, when it comes to explicit private photos that circulate online but have already been removed.


People can now submit a request to Google to have it removed from searches as well.

It is no guarantee that, for example, nude photos will not turn up online after the request has been granted, Google emphasizes. But we hope these changes give you more control over private information that appears in Google Search. Until now, removing explicit photos taken without someone’s permission was only possible.

Another feature that Google is launching in the coming days is setting up an alert if your personal contact information shows up somewhere online. Users can then quickly submit a request to have this data removed by Google. For now, this application will only be available in the United States.

Google also announces the global rollout of SafeSearch. Users can blur search results with those settings if they show explicit images from this month. For example, when it comes to violence or pornographic images.

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