What is the Meaning of Human Life?


What is Human Life? My mind I sabotage in mid-winter evening at 7 pm all power stations and stops the high-speed train that has become life.

At the time of depositing the high speed after a few minutes slowly comes to rest startled everyone here on his laptop, tablet or smartphone, glances grumbling out to himself back in his own world on his laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Only when they notice that all communication networks are flat looking people really around and they start to realize what is going on.

The Notion

They look around but see nothing in the darkness. They wait for what is going to happen, but nothing happens. Slowly but surely the realization is the dawning of their situation. They have no idea where they stand somewhere, they have no idea who they sit next to and who else in the train.

What now?

These special situations they are forced to start a real conversation with the person next to him. What is going on is the big question. But no one knows the answer.


Then people started thinking, what should we do. Should we get out and walk? Should we sit? How long does it take? Because it’s freezing outside is 20 degrees off and running is not an option because the people there are not dressed.

Everyone remains seated and hopes the train will ride again soon. After a few hours, the temperature begins in the train to fall properly and people are starting to get cold. After getting a few hours freezes in the train and begin the thirsty people. Then fear strikes. Everyone is afraid because they realize they do not live long in this way more.

The Meaning of Human Life

Eventually, at 4 o’clock in the morning when everyone is just frozen to death on the train, the train on autopilot start driving again. After five minutes, the high-speed train rumbles to life again at full speed and have forgotten all deceased passengers. There is only one question remaining after this surreal event, what was the meaning of the life of these deceased people?

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