What is Origin of Life-Where Does It Come From?


Does science like to know what is the origin of life, where life is coming from here on our Earth? Is life spontaneous or is there another reason? All kinds of theories out there, but one thought pops out.

Origin of Life:

According to the philosophy of life is a system through the exchange of energy and matter with the environment is able to grow, adapt, reproduce and to maintain them.

In biology are called attributes, which is to be considered alive, when certain life functions are present.

Although it is difficult to determine how old the life on Earth, we can ask the question, where all that life come from? Theories about the origin of life are numerous.

One of those theories is a theory called “abiogenesis”. This one goes to the hypothesis that life arose from nonliving matter. This abiogenesis would have taken millions of years. Molecules would have played an important role in DNA.

Furthermore, it is assumed that life did not originate on Earth, but which have been brought by meteorites or comets substances from the space, giving rise to life.

Then there is the theory of evolution Charles Darwin (1809-1882) and according to him are plants and animals emerged, living organisms developed have come through natural selection, adapted to their own environment.

But man has emerged as creation stories indicate. Because it can not be that the person spontaneously arises from nonliving matter.

It now appears that a combination of religious beliefs, such as the creation story and scientific explanations about the origin and evolution of life is becoming more conceivable. This combination is called “theistic evolutionism or Evolutionary Creationism”.

The idea is that all classical religious teachings about God and creation are compatible with the scientific theory of evolution.

It is convinced that Nature and everything associated with it can not exist without a higher power that we call God. So one does not exclude a Higher Power’s involvement in the origin of life and that’s a good thing!

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