These 18 Low-Calorie Foods will Make you Lose Weight the More you Eat!


For plump foodies, good food and weight loss are like having fish and bear’s paws; it is challenging to have both. So, is there any food that can satisfy a foodie’s stomach and the desire to lose weight? The answer is: indeed!

Low-Calorie Foods
Low-calorie foods require more calories to digest than they contain, so eating them burns more calories than it takes in.


  1. Water
    It’s just ordinary water. If you drink 1500~2000ml of water a day, the body’s metabolic rate can increase by 30%.
  2. Dairy products
    People who drink milk, yoghurt, or cheese 3–4 times daily can reduce body fat by more than 70%. Women who eat calcium-rich foods and consume dairy products daily get the best fat-burning effect.
  3. Green tea
    It not only has anti-cancer and antioxidant effects but also improves metabolism. Drink three times a day to consume 60 kcal.
  4. Spinach
    It can promote blood circulation, allow the legs far from the heart to absorb enough nutrients, balance metabolism, and detoxify and slim down the legs.
  5. Celery
    Celery contains a large amount of calcium and potassium, which can reduce water accumulation in the lower body and prevent the body from becoming bloated and obese.
  6. Tomatoes
    Eating fresh tomatoes regularly can be a diuretic, relieve leg fatigue, and reduce oedema. Eating them raw has better effects.
  7. Cale
    It contains a large amount of calcium and vitamin C, which can double your metabolic rate.
  8. Apple
    An apple has 50 calories but takes 75 calories to digest and absorb. It is best to use it to lose weight, and it can also be used for beauty. It kills two birds with one stone.
  9. Papaya
    It has unique proteolytic enzymes that can remove fat accumulated in the lower body due to eating meat, and the pectin contained in papaya meat is an excellent intestinal cleanser, which can reduce the accumulation of waste in the lower body.
  10. Watermelon
    It is an expert diuretic among fruits. Eating more of it can reduce excess water in the body while also detoxifying and nourishing the skin.
  11. Grapefruit
    It is deficient in calories and rich in potassium, which helps reduce fat and water accumulation in the lower body.
  12. kiwi fruit
    In addition to its strong point of vitamin C, its fibre content is also vibrant, which can increase the fat decomposition rate and avoid excessive fat accumulation in the legs.
  13. Eggs
    Vitamin B2, niacin, and vitamin B1 can also remove fat from the lower body.
  14. Lean chicken
    Containing high protein, it is the meat with the lowest fat content.
  15. Sea Fish
    People who regularly eat fish can reduce the hormone leptin level in their bodies, which is very beneficial to lowering fat and losing weight. Because the higher the level of leptin in the body, the lower the body’s metabolic rate becomes, and the body becomes fatter and fatter. Therefore, to be slim, you should eat 3 to 4 servings of fish every week.
  16. Sesame
    Its linseed oleic acid can remove cholesterol attached to blood vessels, accelerate food digestion in the intestines and stomach, and improve metabolism.
  17. Red beans
    The stony acid component can increase the large intestine’s peristalsis, promote urination, reduce constipation, detoxify, maintain beauty, and help you lose weight.
  18. Oats
    It is known as the “fat-burning fighter,” which can provide satiety and body energy and effectively help the body burn fat.
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