Another Stabbing in Sydney: Man Stabs Bishop and Churchgoers During Mass


In Wakeley, a suburb of Sydney, a man stabbed Australian Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel during his sermon on Monday, and several churchgoers were also injured. The police have arrested a suspect.


The mass in the Christ, The Good Shepherd Church, could be followed via a livestream. Images of the incident on He then appears to deliver several stabs to the bishop.

The victim soon falls to the ground while those present rush to help him, and the camera pans away. According to Australian media, at least four people were injured. One victim was taken to Liverpool Hospital with several stab wounds.

Three other victims received first aid on the spot. A man in his thirties suffered multiple cuts, a man in his twenties was treated for a cut on his hand, and a man in his sixties was injured on his arm. Dozens of police officers arrived on the scene and arrested a man.

The church stabbing comes just days after a 40-year-old man stabbed six people to death at a shopping centre in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Bondi Junction on Saturday. Five of the six victims he killed were women. The perpetrator was shot dead by a police officer. Eight injured people are still in hospital, and some are in critical condition.

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