8 Tips to Enjoy Yuletide-Still Stay Healthy and Fit


Health is wealth. Well, that is not particularly a new advice. The yuletide season is here again. It’s a season when people spend time with their families and loved ones. It’s a season of celebrations and you cannot really take away enjoyment from the celebrations, or can you? Notwithstanding, you have your health to worry about. And yes, you still need to keep fit.

According to Tyrone Brennand, the founder of Be The Fittest service, “Becoming too obsessed with training and dieting can become detrimental for your health. It’s important to remember that we all should exercise regularly and eat healthy to have a fit, healthy body and mind, to also feel good, but once we start becoming obsessed this can be a trigger to an adverse effect.”

I totally agree with him on that. So, here are my top 8 tips to help you enjoy the yuletide and still remain healthy and fit. They are mostly natural, and requires less financially.

1.    Forget the Bills

Well, I realize that is practically impossible. But what I am actually talking about is your mental health. Your mental health grossly affects your entire health. It is possible for you to eat right and still feel unhealthy just because your mind is not at peace.

If you must stay healthy and fit during this yuletide and beyond, my first tip would be for you to pay attention to your mental health. Take some time away from thinking about how to pay water bill, electricity bill, mortgage bill, this bill and that bill. Try to find some inner peace. It’s a celebration season, just go with the flow.

The economy is hard, yes I agree. But you don’t have to be hard on yourself additionally. You need to be healthy to be wealthy. Maintain an open mind, void of worries. Learn to deliberately feel good, everything about you would eventually become good.

2.    Engage in Activities

It is a holiday period, and the natural thing to do would be to get all the rest in the world. I totally agree with you. That is what holidays are meant for. But hey, if you must stay healthy, you would need to constantly engage yourself in activities. It doesn’t have to be work or any complicated activity. Your regular house chores, simple work-outs, games with the kids would do just fine.

Rest is good, too much of it is bad. Burn some calories. Engage in activities. Go for swimming. Take that walk with your spouse. It’s a time of sharing, so go help in the kitchen. Just get your body moving from time to time. Too much activity, but a little. It is healthy for you. You don’t want to merely sit, eat, drink, and accumulate fat in the process.

3.    Get enough Sleep

When you skip sleep, you would usually feel more hungry the next day. And considering you are on holidays, the temptation would be to eat whenever you get hungry. And this poses a threat to your health. So don’t skip sleep. Resist the temptation to work late nights during this season.

4.    Drink lots of Water

Stay hydrated is key to living healthy and staying fit. After all, the body is comprised of 60% water. I just recently learned that the brain is made up of around 70% water. Drinking lots of water helps wash out salts, toxins and helps with recovery after tasks. Water helps your body maintain balance at all times.
Drinking water early in the morning boosts your immune system and helps to prevent lots of diseases and infections from finding a safe harbor in your system. The minimum water intake for any adult is two (2) liters per day.

5.    Regular Exercise is Essential

Exercise leads to increased energy levels. I know it’s a holiday, but your regular keep fit program should not go on holidays too. Try something competitive with some family members. Go for a walk or run around the compound. By all means, make out time for simple exercises.
Usually when I talk to people about exercise, one thing I usually advise them to do is to break away from routines. The reason is this, your body gets used to your normal exercise routine after a while, making its effect on your body less effective. So from time to time, break your exercise routine. Try something different or try different timings.

6.    Don’t joke with your Breakfast

Breakfast provides the body and brain fuel after an overnight fast. Breakfast provides the energy required for the rest of the day. For your breakfast, fruits and vegetables should be included as they are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Research shows that those who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight and usually stay within their ideal weight range.

7.    Early Dinner is Healthy

Late night dinner is linked obesity. Early dinner helps you lose weight rapidly. An early dinner and going to bed early gives you the chance to wake up early. An early dinner helps prevent heartburns. It usually paves the way for early sleep, which is key to sound sleep and a sound mind. Having your dinner early also gives you enough time to unwind with family before going to bed.

8.    Slim Fit is Serious Business

Fitness houses are getting more patronage now more than ever. Overweight folks are trying to shed some serious fat. Everyone seems to be taking gym classes, all in a bit to keep fit. The slim fit business is getting bigger by the day, thanks to our celebrities.

Being slim fit is now easily attainable with slimming pants and eating of healthy foods. This projects a healthy image of you anything time any day. It passes a good message about your health habits, and makes you more attractive to people.

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