7 Foods that You Should Never Put in the Microwave


Sometimes there are doubts, and we think: can I warm up this food in the Microwave or not? We have set up seven foods from the world that cannot be heated in a microwave oven.


If you make a raw egg with a scale in the microwave, an explosion hazard is caused by the pressure. Then you have a scrambled egg and a filthy microwave. Do not do that. Just cook your egg in a hot water pan.

Glass of water

When you heat a glass of water too long in a microwave, the water becomes too hot. When you take the glass and take it, the water will “burst out” as it were. The water can then splash boiling over your fingers and cause burns.

Frozen Meat

When you want to quickly heat a frozen piece of meat like a hamburger in the microwave, this is a party for bacteria. The outside is gentle while the middle remains freezing. Frozen meat is best put in the fridge beforehand. Forget? Place the meat in a bowl of boiling water.

Fresh Fruit

Unfortunately, you can not put fresh or frozen fruit in the microwave to make jam for example. If you can not resist temptation: grapes splash apart, apples deposit and raisins go up in smoke. That’s how it gets cleaned. Also, the glucoside and galactoside change into fruit in carcinogens.

Red pepper

Do you want to make your food more spicy using a fresh red pepper? Prima, but do not do this in the microwave. The pepper itself does not happen so much, but when you open the microwave, your eyes and throat are in fire and flame. That’s just too spicy. A dried pepper can catch a flame, and toxic gases are released.

Tomato Sauce

Due to the pectin and fiber in tomatoes, a tomato sauce (or puree) holds the viable steam cells for a moment after which he suddenly gives up resistance and releases the steam with an explosion. This is being brushed or a fire blower cooling. So it is better to use a saucepan that the microwave to heat tomato sauce.

Banquet Bar

The outside becomes slack, and the inside is glowing. Not nice for your mouth. So heat the banquet state in the oven, leaving the puff pastry crisp and the inside smooth.

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