Google Advanced Protection Locks Down Accounts Like Never Before


Google Advanced Protection Locks Down Accounts Like Never Before. People who are afraid of being hacked can now turn on Google’s advanced security. Therefore, additional security measures are taken to protect the Google Account.

According to Google, the feature is unusual for people who have very sensitive data in their account, such as people who are misused by their partner. They can search for help with their Gmail account, and that information must remain logically secret.

If these accounts are hacked, Google may have “far-reaching consequences.” Therefore, Google’s advanced protection provides three components that allow users to secure their accounts securely.

Two-Step Verification
First of all, it is required to enable two-step verification. This is an additional layer of security that needs you to perform a further action after entering your username and password.

Google recommends so-called security keys: you post after logging in to confirm that you are real. These cost a few tens, so that’s not an option for everyone. However, in your account, you can always enable two-step verification. You must then enter a code that appears on your phone after logging in.

Block Fraudulent Login Attempts
Additionally, Google will block fraudulent login attempts faster. This happens, for example, if someone logs on to a computer in a city other than where you live. Google is also going to ask additional questions if someone acts like a victim to access the account. According to Google, this occurs regularly.

Finally, Google offers the option to only share data with trusted services. According to Google, malicious websites sometimes try to steal your data by signing in to Google. By authorizing specific services in your Google Account yourself, you control who is aware of your data.

You can enable advanced security here. You can also run the new Security Checkup to see how it has been set up with the security of your Google Account.

Google has collaborated with the Slovak security company ESET to develop a kind of virus scanner for Chrome. If a plugin tries to customize your Chrome settings, it will first ask if you want to. Even if you download a program that has added unwanted software, it will be blocked.

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