President Donald Trump Defends Sharing Secrets with Russia

President Donald Trump Defends Sharing Secret Information with Russia. Donald Trump responded via Twitter to the message that he would have shared information with Russia. He says that as president he has the “absolute right” to do that.

Trump said ‘facts’ had been shared with Russia about ‘terror and aviation security.’ What the exact content Trump has shared is not clear.

The president indicated that he had shared the information for humanitarian reasons and also to move Russia to “push up the fight against IS and terrorism.”

Correspondent Erik Mouthaan: “Trump has the right to do this and can not be prosecuted, others will be fired. The president again shows that he has sued his top advisers. The national security adviser denied the announcement yesterday; Trump confirms the.”

“Tricks in the White House. Trump even raises anger in his party. The question arises, even by fellow mates, whether Trump is concerned with how to deal with state secrets, whether he has the temper to be President.”

Secret Information
The US newspaper Washington Post reported last night that Trump had shared secret information with Russia about an upcoming IS operation. The newspaper was based on sources in the White House.

According to the Washington Post, the information was so secret that it was not shared with allies of the United States. The sensitivity of the information meant that only a few specific officials were aware. The White House immediately denied that secret information was shared with the Russians.

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