Lust Stimulating Food Does Not Exist Any More


Secretly chocolates serve at your date or partner for some extra sexual tension, sadly, completely useless. Lust stimulating food only works due to the gesture effect in the brains.

That such food can induce lust in us is nonsense, according to Patricia Schutte of the Nutrition Center. “They are fairy tales,”

Where does this ‘aphrodisiac(a food, drink, or other thing that stimulates sexual desire)’ myth exactly from?

Doctor Michael Krychman of Southern California Center for Sexual Health, studied the agents are said to have a stimulating effect. We think that eating aphrodisiac foods increases our sex drive, but Krychman suggests that this is just between the ears.

There will be an unexpected positive effect rather in taking a non-active substance. In other words, the so-called placebo effect. “The placebo effect is a very strong effect, as the power of our brain.”

Despite the fact that researchers disprove it, it is shown that certain funds anyway contain some ingredients that can boost sexual arousal.

Here is a precondition to it.

You must include an unwise large, often even impossible, amount to get inside. So for example, chocolate contains alkaloids, which have an exciting, relaxing and euphoric effect.

However, you need something to enjoy several kilos of brown stuff to notice the aphrodisiac feeling.

According to researchers, the more likely you are to feel sick after this ‘overdose’ and is too full to move you on, then you hit spontaneously excited. In short, slide the food aside and see each other even more deeply in the eyes.

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