Angelina Jolie Returns after Divorce with smile for New Film in Cambodia


It’s beautiful, smiling. Her face looks relaxed.

All the beauty of Angelina Jolie is there, the first taken after the divorce with Brad. With her are the six children that accompanied it to Angkor for the presentation of his new film. A film that tells a tragic page of Cambodian history: the crimes committed by the Khmer Rouge during their brief but bloody regime between 1975 and 1979.

The preview of the work – the title of which is “First they killed my father” – attended the King Norodom Sihamoni Cambodian and hundreds of the regime survived. The film is an adaptation of an eponymous book written by human rights activist Loung ung, which are remembered the horrors of the pol pot regime.

Arriving from Siem Reap, Cambodia. The actress smiles, her face is relaxed, seems serene, surrounded by her six children. For the 41 year-old is the first public appearance since the divorce from Brad Pitt, dated September 2016.

Loung ung was five years old when the Khmer Rouge took Phnom Penh and was able to watch the drama of her family, before fleeing in the United States.

Under the rule of Pol Pot, two million Cambodians, a quarter of the population, lost their lives to torture, starvation, executions. Thousands of graves were discovered after their fall, victims of atrocious utopian interpretation of Marxism.

During a press conference in Siem Reap, Angelina Jolie said that Cambodia is his “second home” and said she had chosen to adapt the book by Loung Ung because he wanted to tell the Khmer Rouge period “with the eyes of a child “. It also revealed that the film allowed her to feel closer to adopted son, who visited with her the wonderful temples world heritage site.

The six sons of the diva, three of them adopted, were at the side of the mother during the visit and also at the hearing that King Norodom granted to the actress and director. “I wanted to put the emphasis not only on the war, but also about love of family and the beauty of the country, and I wanted to really understand what the biological parents of my child may have passed. I wanted to know them better, learn about their country”.

This is the second film directed by Angelina Jolie, after “in the land of blood and honey”, the story of a love destroyed by the war in Bosnia. Jolie got the Cambodian citizenship. In 2002 she adopted her first child, Maddox, who was in an orphanage of Battambang province in western Cambodia. The star explained that her son prompted her to shoot this film.

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