Looking for an Adventurous Vacation? Plan Island Hopping Tour in Thailand


Island Hopping means crossing an ocean using shorter journeys from one island to another instead of using one long journey to reach your destination.

Thailand, with its tropical weather and ideal heaven like islands, looks like venturing inside a fantasy, which is fabulous obviously! However, certain factors need to be kept in mind before you embark on the Thailand island hopping tour!


Food and Drink During Thailand Island Hopping Tour

Food and drink in the South of Thailand are by and large 20% more costly than it is around Bangkok and the north of the nation. Everything there must be conveyed by ferries, boats or by ships.

As a rule, the selection of eateries is additionally not as variable and street food consistently is anything but a practical choice either.

The costs (per individual) referenced are liberal estimates:
1. Western breakfast which primarily includes bread, omelette and coffee costs around 250 Thai Baht.
2. Street food with a drink costs around 160 Thai Baht.
3. Dinner at a reasonable restaurant with drinks will cost around 300 Thai Baht.
4. Snacks at the 7-11 hours will cost you around 120 Thai Baht.

So drinks and food can cost 850 Thai Baht per person every day.


Hotel Stays during Thailand Island Hopping Tour

Most explorers end their trip in the country’s south, where they’ll have a couple of days or weeks to unwind before returning home. That is the reason a large number of them wouldn’t mind paying somewhat more for a touch of additional comfort.

In case, you are more interested in finding accommodation on the beach; you must expect the costs to be higher. For the most part, a double room space will cost around 1,000 Thai Baht each night.

This cost mentioned is usually of those rooms that are beyond normal and are lavish; however, if you wish to stay in-lands and not on the beach, and also you expect the rooms a lot cleaner and comfortable, then you must expect to pay around 750 Baht each night.


Transport during the Thailand Island Hopping Tour

The distinction in transport charges between the north and the south are tremendous. Notably, in case you’re venturing out to one of the more detached islands, then using a speed boat is the best option for you.

– Taxis as a mode of transport is a little expensive as you will be expected to pay an amount ranging from 200-400 Thai Baht.
– Ferry rides are a popular form of transport in Thailand, and also cheaper. A tour from the mainland to Koh Samui is about 400 Baht.

Expect to spend about 500 Baht on your commute each day when you are on the Thailand island hopping tour.

Expect to spend about 2400 Baht every day on your Thailand island hopping tour. And in this 2400 Thai Baht, you can complete a massive amount of fun stuff. Like, for example, go for amazing snorkelling, eat in a decent eatery or remain the night in a lovely inn on the beach.

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