Apple and Google Remove Dating Apps to Prevent Child Abuse


Apple and Google have removed three dating apps from their online app stores App Store and Play Store. According to the US market watchdog, the Federal Trade Commission, children under the age of 13 could use the app.


This concerns the apps Meet24, FastMeet and Meet4U. The Ukrainian company Wildec runs them. The apps collect birth data, e-mail addresses, photos, and location data from users.

Several users have already been charged with trying to approach small children through the apps. The Federal Trade Commission does not disclose how many users have been charged.

The app users had to specify their date of birth when registering. But even if users indicate that they are under 13, they could still use the app.

They can also be accessed by others in the app, and therefore to adults. And according to the market, that is a severe risk to the health and safety of children.

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