Thailand 3 Wheel Taxi and Tuk-Tuk – How to Avoid Bad Backpacking in Thailand


Making a tour of Thailand with your friends would give you one of the most amazing memories of your life, but it can be troublesome if you do not know the essentials of backpacking in Thailand. If you do not know the essentials of travelling to Thailand, then you would become a lousy traveller.

To become a good traveller, follow everything mentioned below.

1.     Check the climate before you go

It is always good to know the environment of Thailand before you make a tour with your friends to Thailand, especially if you are here for island hopping tours in Thailand. This is because when the rains start island hopping is not possible. The best time to take a trip to Thailand with your friends is from November till April. Also, the temperature varies with the area that you are visiting- the beaches can have a different climate than the mountain in the north. You would not like to get in trouble with the weather, so know before you go.

2.     Pack up the right clothing

When it comes to travelling to Thailand, most people make a big mistake when choosing their clothing. The people of Thailand are relatively modest, so dress accordingly. Female travellers should bring a shawl to throw over their shoulders. Simple sneakers and joggers are perfect shoes to put on almost everywhere.

3.     Do not take taxi drivers’ word

Yes, you heard, right. Do not let taxi drivers ruin your tour for their extra commission. If they say a site or an attraction is not open for the day and suggest some other destinations, then do not trust them. This is because they earn a commission for sending traffic to unattracted places. If a taxi driver suggests you something, later thank them for their information and move on to the next driver.

4.     Travel on Thailand 3 wheel taxi and tuk-tuk during daytime

The most common transport in Thailand is taxis and tuk-tuks. If you are looking for a comfortable ride, then consider taxis but if you want to get a better view of the town with your friends then take a tuk-tuks trip. Prefer taxis at night and tuk-tuks during the daytime to get a beautiful view of the town.

5.     Take local transport

There are several means of transportation in Thailand. Travelling in a personal taxi is an enjoyable experience but an expensive one. Try to take local transport. Buses are cheap and fast. Trains are a lit bit slower than buses but safer than buses. There are also many overnight trains. If you are going for a long-distance journey, then consider overnight trains.

6.     Eat street food more than in restaurants

Surely everyone loves restaurants for their taste and quality. But street food in Thailand is the best when you are looking for quality, quantity and taste. Every street corner of Thailand is filled with delicious and fantastic food. Street food would not only offer you a wide variety of food and flavours, but it will also save you money. So eat street food with your friends and save some cash for some more visits.

7.     Respect the Thai culture

Thai people are extremely friendly but well cultured. Do respect Thai culture. For example, if you ask to take off your shoes, then obey. If you are invited to a local shop, home, or authentic restaurant, then do take your shoes off. Thai people considered it highly rude to show the toss of shoes and underside of feet. Whatever your beliefs keep it to yourself and never talk wrong about the monarchy or else you would end up in jail.

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