How to Overcome Your Depression?


Sometimes you have those days … you wake up and you immediately regretted! Once you do get out of bed, everything, absolutely everything wrong. Or maybe you already longer fight your feelings? For prolonged periods of depression, How to Overcome Your Depression, there is a way!

What to do if You’re a Misery?

Let me start with what NOT to do: Run away from your feelings. It’s amazing how people live in it!

Because really, you’re always 100% honest when asked how things are going with you, or do you sometimes “good” to be there from?

Have you tried to cheer yourself up by doing as if nothing is wrong?

You feel annoyed at you because you “have totally no reason”?

Please let that go!

Emotions are not rational, they are just there and the first thing you should do is accept them. Only then can you get to work!

Accepting your feelings can be difficult because you are faced with quite yourself, but it’s a necessary step. Doctors will also go in a hurry to prescribe drugs without thinking first what could be the disease?

Get even breaths and sit down. Find out if there is a specific reason for your feelings and accept that the cause might be something relatively icecream!

If you know where your feelings are coming from, you are ready to proceed. Speak for yourself, if need be loud, which is the basis of your feelings and what you feel exactly. Identify what makes you exactly upset: you feel helpless, lonely, put aside?

If you do this for yourself you put on a list, you will see that it was a huge relief entail!

It is often the case that you sink into your own negative emotions, and then lose the overview, making the situation seem insurmountable.

It can help you to make a list of things to do, people you want to talk something out etc. Do not be afraid, just do it!

You’ll find that you feel better!

When Keep your feelings and you do not take care of yourself! Call your parents, your best friend or a counselor. If you are afraid to talk about your feelings, it can be very nice to talk to a psychologist or a Priest/Imam. They have a duty of confidentiality. They say not for nothing that shared sorrow is half sorrow! Perhaps others can help with something, or you can do something together.

That brings us to the next point: Be kind to yourself! Really, you deserve it, right today! Go to your friends, watch a beautiful film, get some fresh air in nature or cook your favorite dish. A long, hot bath also does wonders. Try to enjoy the little things and to distract yourself.

It will surprise you how good can be a cup of hot chocolate! You have your list of action items, it’s really good to come! In the meantime, you can enjoy best!

One last tip yet to conclude: Make yourself a list of positive thoughts to keep you on bad times. Let your best friends something nice to write about what you can read back if you’re not a misery. Make a list of small things you want to do in nasty moments.

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