5 Best Low Impact Exercise for Killer Looking Abs

Whether it is a medical restriction or beautiful look, reducing stomach fat has become a prime concern for many people in our modern day. A flatten abdominal can keep you healthy. Belly fat reduces our comfort to take deep breath, energy, confidence and it increases the chance of diabetics, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure and importantly the inner visceral fat of stomach that we can’t see.

I have suffered a lot for that health issue and was facing certain problems to bend over and move around normally. I had to buy baggy shirts to hide my gut. But now with a slim belly, I feel good to do anything I want. But the journey was not easy as I said.

The journey: I tried many guidelines to reach today’s destination. I visited exercise training institute, conducted an interview of gym instructors and physicians to set the workouts plan and styles. I have set diet plan, changed my food habit and exercise plan. My health advisers said though doing workouts on equipment is the best way to reduce belly fat quickly, it is important to find the best equipment which can deliver your desired results.

Based on my experience, today I want to share my learning about few good exercise tools which I have used to get rid of uncomfortable stomach fat.

Treadmill: I used to run on the treadmill for 20 minutes every day at the start of my daily routine exercise in the gym. My coach instructed me to run 30 to 60 minutes daily which was very difficult for me. He said the more you run, the more it will burn your whole body fat and eventually it will reduce your stomach fat also. Though it was tedious, I took the guidelines seriously.

Indoor cycle: In the training institute, I have used this spin bikes for many days. It’s one kind of stationary bike which is a replace of outdoor cycling. I got different adjusting level to set the resistance, and if you can continue the exercise for a long time, you can burn a significant amount of calorie. I find the exercise useful in flattening abs.

Elliptical: This tool is basically a combination of stair climbing, walking, and running with movable handles to combine your upper to lower body exercise. In my first few weeks, I used to try this elliptical kit for 3 times per week. Alike the treadmills, exercising in this machine will reduce your calorie very fast, but you have to recruit high amount of your muscular fiber. This specific cardio workout will burn your stomach, thighs and all over fats.

Stair Climber: It’s like a mini escalator to ride stairs. To me, it’s a great tool for cardiovascular exercise, and it helped me to tone my lower body part like bum, legs and strengthening the core. If you need high-intensity workout on this machine, you can climb for 30 minutes, and it will burn 500 calories. More burning target all parts of the body including your stomach.

Recumbent Bike: Since I was determining to flatten my belly, I worked so hard for the results that I continue doing these exercise for 7 months. But when I was injured roughly, my health instructor recommends changing the equipment type. Then I chose recumbent exercise bike, as the bent is reputed in dealing back and spinal injury.

The interesting thing about this kit as if you move your seat towards paddle, you will require more force to wheel the paddle. By this, you can target your abdominal fat to burn. Unlike the other tools, I used I have found this equipment more result oriented especially to reduce belly fat.

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