Vitamin D Seems to Reduce the Risk of Childhood Asthma


That vitamin D is necessary, has been known for a long time. We can not be human without vitamin D! A promising study has recently demonstrated the fact that this vitamin has even more benefits. Vitamin D could also reduce the risk of asthma among children.

The primary function of Vitamin D is to counteract bone calculation. We need to absorb calcium (lime) from our diet. This ensures healthy bones and teeth.

Besides, vitamin D is essential for keeping balance and maintaining our muscle strength. The sun is the primary source because sunlight creates two-thirds of the vitamin D in our body.

Now it appears that the intake of a vitamin D supplement during pregnancy increases the immunity of the baby. This could reduce the risk of asthma.

Good news! The study investigated 51 women who were pregnant ten to eighteen weeks. This group of women was divided into two groups: one group received the recommended dose of vitamin D daily, and the other group received a high dose of vitamin D supplement.

The result was surprising!

The children of the second group of upcoming mothers had a much better immune response than the newborn children of the first group. A strong immune response at the beginning of life causes the risk of developing asthma to decrease.

A preliminary conclusion is that extra vitamin D during pregnancy has a positive effect on the breathing of children.

It’s a promising sound, but more research is needed.

At least, with the summer at the door, we do not have to worry about whether we get enough vitamin D. It is mainly older people, children, people who are out of place and have a dark skin color that can use some additional vitamin D in the form of a supplement. And thus pregnant women, according to the research.

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