Step by Step Rehab Process and the Types of Treatment

Whether you yourself an addict or one of your loved one is suffering from addiction, the main question that arises while seeking help is to what kind of healing process that you should opt for. Other than that, you are also confused about the right kind of treatment program for your addiction, or about the process and work style of the rehabilitation center and lastly, why do you need a customized treatment program.

Rehabilitation Process of Drugs:
The rehabilitation process is a very useful process which can basically be divided into 4 main steps:

This step involves a team of qualified doctors, professional counsellors, therapists, and other supporting staff which crafts a customized treatment plan.

This step is quite necessary as this process includes detoxification of the body which removes the traces of harmful drugs from your body. Sometimes this process can be dangerous so be always noted coordinate with a trusted and credentialed treatment facility under a professional.

This step involves therapies to identify core issues that have caused addiction.

The main purpose of this step is to ensure that all those skills which were learned during rehabilitation become a part of your daily routine.

Types of Drug Rehab Treatments:
Another confusion that addicts face is choosing the right kind of rehab treatment that is most suitable for their case.
So, here is a list of a few different kinds of treatment programs:

Inpatient Drug Rehab:
Usually, inpatient care or complete hospitalization is the first step towards the treatment of addiction. In the first part, the patient goes through a detox program which contains medical and non-medical support such as therapies and counselling. This treatment involves the pharmaceutical therapies, medication management from professionals for a speedy recovery.

Partial Hospitalization:
In this treatment, the intensive outpatient programs are also included. These programs consist of a full schedule of therapies and treatment the entire day; however, the patient leaves for home at the end of the day. Not all hospitals offer partial hospitalization, but many do, so, it better to check the directory.

Outpatient Drug Rehab:
Outpatient care is a follow-up to an inpatient treatment program. This recovery program is carried out when the condition is less severe and doesn’t need 24/7 vigilance. However, the patient needs to regularly visit the clinic or treatment center to carry out the healing process effectively.

Long-Term Drug Rehab:
This treatment depends on the needs of the individual. As for some individual includes a long-term inpatient drug in which there is a need to stay overnight at rehabilitation for an extended time, or there is a normal inpatient care that only last about 30-40 days. While this treatment provides the patient with a stable living place which allows them to get treated and make them return to their normal life.

No matter which step and what type of program you choose but recovery rely on a lifetime commitment. And the most important thing to know that healing doesn’t end when you walk out from any treatment center. It depends on a long-term and strong, faithful commitment that is required to be fulfilled every day in your life.

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