Igor Montemor’s Story on Becoming A Renowned Influencer


The demand for digital growth is increasing, and people are now looking to make their presence online. Everyone looks forward to becoming a social media influencer, but not everyone is capable of doing so.

People know the power of social media, but lack of knowledge alongside proper implementation dispels them from becoming an influencer marketer. Igor Montemor is a famous personality who creates influencers.

Igor Montemor was born in Brazil, but at the age of two, he moved to Florida due to his father’s job. Since 2011, his work with prominent influencers across the world made it possible to bring the insights of how influencer marketing works.

He was grown up in Florida, but most of the time, he visits Miami to overcome his boredom. During his frequent visits, he comes across a wide range of people that built a strong network for his future and helped him in building an influencer marketing company.

His interest in influencer marketing grew with time and compelled him to do great in this niche. Hence, he learned the ABCD of influencer marketing and understanding every single aspect of expanding his knowledge. He also learned to use social media more smartly.

Speaking about his growth in the social media, he said, “In today’s time, social media has no constraints. One can make millions for a single post, thanks to the digital improvement of brand alliances. There was a time at what time social media was recognized only for posting updates and was measured as a chatting platform. But with time, things have transformed, and soon I sense social media will make every individual self-employed”.

His digital agency, Connections Collective, situated in Miami (Florida), some of the big clients that include Prive Luxury Rentals, a leading real estate corporation in Los Angeles, and David Beckham’s MLS team Inter Miami CF. With his expertise in the field of influencer marketing, he is transforming people into influencers.

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