Kim Kardashian Does Not Know How to Prevent A Convicted American Execution


The American reality star Kim Kardashian has failed to prevent the execution of a man from Alabama. Nathaniel Woods (43) was sentenced to death for his involvement in the death of three police officers sixteen years ago.


“Nate is going to die for a crime that someone else has known and that the perpetrator says he had nothing to do with,” Kardashian tried on social media. In vain.

The case of the three agents shocked Alabama in 2004. On the day of their death, they were sent to a home where Woods and a confident Kerry Spencer were supposed to deal drugs. In addition to them, there were undoubtedly two others present in the house. After talking to Woods through the back door, two of the officers entered.

According to court documents, Woods stated that he surrendered to the agents. Shortly after that, Spencer opened fire. However, during the trial in 2005, the prosecutor said that Woods had lured the officers inside.

Woods was convicted as an accomplice, and although he did not pull the trigger, he was sentenced to death. It was executed on Thursday evening in the prison of Atmore.

Despite fierce protest from Kim Kardashian and the son of human rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. The Republican Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey decided not to pardon the man. Kardashian shared the decision on Twitter.

“Nate dies for a crime that someone else has known and which he says had nothing to do with it,” Kardashian said. “This is a tragic example of injustice in the system.”

Woods had no last words. At 9.01 pm he was declared dead after receiving a deadly injection. Archer Kerry Spencer is still in death row. No execution date is yet known for him.

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