Kim Kardashian cant Sleep without Guards in Paris


Kim Kardashian can’t sleep without guards outside her home. The reality star still has a trauma of the robbery in October in her apartment in Paris.

“I cannot sleep unless there are four guards in front of the house,” says Kardashian.

Her mother and manager Kris Jenner feels responsible for the safety of her daughters. “That’s my job, to take care of everyone,” said Jenner who adds that does not respect her enough security for the famous family of the USA

Also Sister Kendall Jenner is worried. According to the supermodel, there was last time a man in front of her house waiting for her and started tapping on the window of her car to get her attention. “I panicked,” said Kendall.

During the broadcast of the reality show keeping up with the Kardashians family talked emotionally about the robbery at Kim house.

The reality star said she was afraid the robbers wanted to rape and murder. “The thought of losing Kim is an emotional scar and I’m not over it quickly,” said mother Kris Jenner about her feelings shortly after the robbery.

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