DJ YAZ, the Rising Hip-Hop Australian Star

DJ “YAZ” is the rising Australian hip-hop star, slowly and steadily making his name in the music industry. In compare to the American rapper Lil Dicky, YAZ has gone through years achieving his sphere through live DJ performances crosswise Australia.

With an interview with AJ YAZ, he stated: when I was growing up the foremost thing, I desired to do was be an on-screen character. In the start, I have learned at the Australian College of Theatre and TV in the wake of graduating from secondary school. It wasn’t until I wrapped up there that I began paying attention to music. Best choice I at any point made.

In all my professional career, I have been a very enthusiastic social media entity, that makes me generate 95 thousand fans following on Facebook and YouTube. My viewers loved my recording on YouTube, and that gave me more energy to put into my music passion.

YAZ has got the most different style of music, and he brought a parody style music which ties with his crowd as it so happens to furnish them with motivations to move and snicker. He is on the top of attention in the music industry, as Snoop Dog, Omarion, Lloyd, T-Pain, Bow Wow, and Cody Wise arranged many exhibitions to feature his performances.

2020 is the year that every one of my arrangements become truth. Expect to allocate of online substance and not merely music, I need to begin my video blogs displaying my exhibitions and ideally with the assistance of my PR administrator and booking operators I’ll have the option to do one show seven days.

Likewise, currently dealing with another radio show suggestion that I’m trusting we can build the organization and communicate around the world. Damn, there is a lot to achieve, this will be a bustling year!

For all my fans who really love and care for not my music and my personality too, follow me on Facebook –

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