Kevin Spacey Must Answer for Sexual Abuse 18 Year Old Boy


Kevin Spacey Must Answer for Sexual Abuse 18 Year Old Boy. The 59-year-old American actor Kevin Spacey has to face justice tomorrow for sexual abuse of a teenager.


According to the American newspaper The Boston Globe, in July 2016, he would have been in a bar in Nantucket to the 18-year-old son of TV presenter Heather Unruh. A video of it recently appeared on Snapchat.

The judge in Nantucket has determined that Spacey must be present at a lawsuit filed against him. The actor did not want to be present at the hearing of the case at first, but will now have to come for it. It is not known why the judge did not want to honour Spacey’s request.

The team of lawyers hired by the fallen actor asked Spacey to drop the case because he did not live nearby and because his presence would only reinforce the negative publicity that was already there.

From the incident, a Snapchat video popped up that made the 18-year-old boy who was immoral to Spacey at the time of their being together in the bar. Spacey would have touched the front of his pants.

The boy sent this video to his girlfriend, to show what had happened to him. This is stated in the Massachusetts State Police investigation report, reports Page Six.

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