Nicki Minaj Fans are Worried about Her Disappearance


Fans of Nicki Minaj suspect that Nicki Minaj has long been pregnant. Her strange behaviour during the interview with Met Gala, did not go unnoticed.


As reported on CelebrityInsider Nicki Minaj Might be pregnant, and she will be holding a tour this summer together with Chris Brown. As a result, this information has not been confirmed.

Earlier this week, the official source said the start date of the tour, Chris Brown. But Nicki Minaj was not mentioned in the information list.

Nicki Minaj had to act as support during this concert. Nicki Minaj says nothing about that.

There is also no activity in social life networks by Nicki Minaj. Original records were when she shared Chris Brown’s link to Wobble Up with her participation.

Fans of Nicki Minaj have lost their favourite singer since the last time she was on The Met Gala. Since then, nothing has been heard from her.

To draw the attention of Nicki Minaj, fans have posted announcements about Nicki Minaj’s disappearance in the streets, with his detailed description.

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