Fun Things to Do While You’re Camping in Canada

How is Camp Canada fun?
The natural surroundings, mountains, lush fields, ocean and fresh water, makes Canada a fantastic place. You must plan to camp Canada with your friends to make some unforgettable memories. The beautiful country offers several remarkable campsites where you can enjoy a perfect summer with your friends and family.

Some of the most popular and most recommended sites for camping in Canada are mentioned below. All these are family –friendly spots.

The Pacific Rim National Park (Green Point Campground)
For enjoying an exciting Pacific experience, the long beach with the extended sand area is the perfect place. The campsite close to the ocean is a remarkable spot.

Fun things to do
Explore the beach. You can also go for a swim if you want but be careful as water there is approximately 10-degree Centigrade. Besides, if you’re going to have a more joyous experience, you can go for surfing as well.

Cathedral Provincial Park (Lake of the Woods)
This campground is situated at the centre of Cathedral Provincial Park. You will have to hike for a day to reach the spot. It is worth camping. Plenty of ridges and summits, alpine meadows, unique geology and beautiful lakes with fishes make the place an outstanding place for camping in Canada.

Fun things to do
Hiking the famous cathedral Rim trail would be fun. Besides, you can explore some of the spectacular geological formations including Stone City, Devil’s woodpile, and Smokey Bear. In addition to discovering these, you can enjoy breathtakingly beautiful views if you choose to hike the Lakeview mountain trial. For those who don’t like hiking, shuttle service is also available that you can use to reach the centre of the park.

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park (Point Campground)
It is located on the Kananaskis Lake’s west shore, and the best thing regarding this spot is that it enables you to enjoy a broad view of 360 degrees. You will have to hike for about 3 kilometres to reach the point, but all the effort is worth it.

Fun Things to do
Firstly, you can enjoy fishing here. Besides, the spectacular mountain views and meadows filled with flowers give a mesmerising feel and surrounding yourself with the beauty of nature will make you feel fresh inside out.

Jasper National Park (Columbia Icefield Campground)
If you want to enjoy car camping at one of the highest spots in Canada, here is the best tent-only option for you. This campground is often preferred because of its easy accessibility to the glacier and the great hikes.

Fun things to do
The hikers are going to love this spot for Camp Canada. Some of the favorite hikes that are situated nearby include Parker Ridge, Nigel Pass and Saskatchewan Glacier. For the Mountaineers, the fantabulous climbs include Andromeda and Athabasca. Moreover, the individuals who are not interested in climbing the mountains, a guided glacier walk would be the best thing to do. Exploring the outstanding icy landscape would be an exciting experience.

Bon Eco Family Campground
This little heaven on earth is situated near a small lake in Eastern Ontario. It is a fun place for those who want to enjoy in a quiet, calm and peaceful environment. The best part is, it accepts both the RVs and tents.

Fun things to do
Enjoy playing with your kids on a sandy beach. Besides, a playground, a lake and park there makes it perfect for family fun. Moreover, the surrounding area is also appropriate for boating, mountain biking, trail riding and Fishing.

Final Verdict
Camping in Canada can be great fun. There are several exciting spots where you can camp and enjoy fun-filled activities.

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