Fashion Tips for Aging Men

Keeping up with fashion is important to everybody, as it lets you socialize well and gives you a certain level of confidence.

Though men are labeled as lazy when it comes to fashion, they tend to get even lazier by age. However, if men understand the importance of grooming, they are sure to find wisdom in following the latest fashion trends.

For men who are crossing forties and getting older, we have 5 big tips to help them keep fashionable!

1.    Do NOT Be a Copy Cat!
Never fell into marketing traps that you watch on television or see in fashion magazines: they are never meant for you! Most fashion clothing is targeted for the younger lot of people, usually in their twenties, and it is rare that the same clothing suit you equally well.

Thus, avoid copying fashion that is not meant to be for your age, and dress according to your own physical needs. You must also avoid T-shirts with catchy lines; they will only make you look like a fool.

2.    Avoid Jeans
Jeans are meant for younger people, and though it is okay for an older man to wear them once in a while, they look too odd if worn regularly.

To dress your age it is best that you pull out trousers from your wardrobe and give your Jeans a rest. Go for plain cotton trousers set in milder colours, and avoid wearing loud colours and shabby designs.

3.    Wear Accessories
Accessorizing your clothing is even more essential in older age, where you need to opt for suitable accessories with greater care. Enhance your looks with matching ties, suitable shoes, striking watches, matching belts and cuff links.

These elements spice up your look and make you appear more kept up on fashion. However, avoid accessorizing just for the sake of it and go for stuff that will genuinely suit your personality.

4.    Consider Tailored Clothing
As you get old, it’s natural that you gain fat and start losing your body shape, unless you are continuing with your gym. In this case most clothing does not settle perfectly on the body and thus ruin your whole figure. To avoid such embarrassments, you should consider getting your suits tailored rather than buying ready-to-wear clothing.

Tailored suits are more body specific and are guaranteed to perfectly fit over the body, resulting in an enhanced overall look. Thus, if you desire a good overall outlook at your age, go for tailored clothing.

5.    Keep Yourself Groomed
Shaving regularly, taking care of unwanted hair, especially on the nose and the ear, fighting body odor, and keeping your hair well groomed are all essential elements to make you look smarter. Try to remain clean and pleasant by taking care of your aging body, and use all adequate measures to retain your natural body shape.

Give special attention to your teeth that tend to change colour with age, and give your dentist a regular visit to avoid major problems. These tips if followed even by half are sure to get you labeled as a ‘pleasing personality’!

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