Smart Travelling Tips for Holidays

Ask those frequent travellers and you will know how difficult it all used to be for them in the beginning. There are so many things one needs to keep in mind, before and while travelling. Taken our natural ability to forget things so quickly, travelling can get a nuisance. With little practice and the right knowledge, you can avoid many of these nuisances.

Pack Lighter: Packing is an art, and if you are able to master this skill, you will be surprised by the amount of peace you gain with a lighter load. Remember to carry only required material with nothing from the unwanted stuff, and better iron your clothes before packing.

Also, make sure to use those travelling bags that are lighter and have more space than you would need. If your bags have wheels; whoa!

Carry a Document Folder: It is almost embarrassing when you are very politely asked for your passport at the check-in and you rummage through your bag to locate where it is. It not just bothers you but those in the lane behind you.

Carrying a separate file with all the required documents properly arranged will save you a lot of trouble. It’s always better to keep a set of photocopies for all of your documents.

Make a List: Start writing down things that you would need to carry with you, days before you begin your travelling. Chargers, tooth-pastes, toilet papers and chap sticks; there are so many things you will simply forget by the final packing stage.

You are out in the market and suddenly recall that you need to pack your hat; feed it into your mobile before you reach home and look for the list.

Learn the Language: Trust me, you will get into a pathetic state if you run into a place where the people don’t speak your language. Matters can get serious if you get lost and there is no way the locals can understand and help you. Thus, it’s essential that you learn a few phrases of the local language, and write down the more difficult ones in your diary.

Carry a First Aid Kit: You never know when you may hurt your fingers pulling your heavy load, or experience swollen feet on long flights.

Carrying a first aid kid can save you a lot of troubles. Heed to your minor problems on your own rather than finding medical facilities and wasting undue time in the pursuit. It is always ideal to throw in a packet of pain-killers into your kit, because headaches are way too common with travelling.

Explore Public Transportation: While abroad, travel in public buses and trains; these are the safest and the most convenient travelling options for everybody. You can travel comparatively relaxed in public transportation, without a fear of being kidnapped (yes I do experience those feelings with taxis!) or the anxiety of being charged a higher fare.

Local trains and buses follow a road map, and that can help you a lot in getting to the right place and within the right fare!

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