Dr. Gordon Shepherd-Wine Drinking is Workout for Your Brain


Do you like to drink a glass of wine? Know that you put your brains to work properly. Dr. Gordon Shepherd, a neuroscientist at Yale School of Medicine, after years of research, discovered that wine helps our brains to activate properly, even more than creating a complicated math exercise or listening to music.

For his book Neuroenology: How the Brain Creates The Taste of Wine Shepherd has studied the effect of wine on your brains.

His research shows that the taste of wine is not in the wine itself, but this is created by the brains of the drinker. “The molecules present in wine, do not have taste, but this is created by the brains, after stimulation by these molecules.

Our brains create taste the same as they create color, “said Shepherd in an interview in The Times. He argues that taste is an illusion and that our perception of wine is formed in our brain, and not in our mouths.

Our brains are so significant to work if we drink a glass of wine. But Shepherd argues that the effect is especially noticeable in the first few sips. So we drink too much wine, then our brains are busy with something else, namely a hangover.

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