Syria Accuses US Airstrike Poison Gas Killed Hundreds


Syria Accuses US Airstrike Poison Gas Killed Hundreds. According to the Syrian army, yesterday afternoon at a US air raid on Syria has become a storehouse of poison gas of terror group. The United States denied the attack.

During the attack, hundreds of people were slain, reported the Syrian state. It shows, according to the Syrian army that has the jihadists of IS and groups with links to al-Qaeda chemical weapons.

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Colonel John Dorrian, spokesman for the US Air Force, the report denies. He says there is no air strikes in that area have been at that time. “The Syrian statement is incorrect and probably deliberate misinformation,” Dorrian said in an email to Reuters.

US President Trump last week launch a missile attack on a Syrian air base. Trump said it was in retaliation for an attack on Syrian chemical weapons on April 4th place Khan Sheikhoun.

Damascus and Moscow deny that Syria has chemical weapons. They attributed the spread of poison gas to jihadists who would make it and save it.

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