Bullying-How to Prevent it?


It happens everywhere, in the past, now and in the future, unfortunately enough.
Can we prevent it?
It has been calculated that there are approximately 330,000 children get bullied weekly, and I quite scare. But if you calculate how many people are completely in the England is also involved in one side. Would bullying still go backward?

Bullying remains a part of senseless violence. Pests usually last only a moment and bully for a longer period where the person will get much suffered. The bully has power and can always get hold of you in what mood you are.

Tips to Prevent Bullying!

Usually, the bully bent on you to get down and you usually stay as long as you stand up for yourself. When the bully you pitched and you tell him that bullying does not help because you remain who you are? May have an adverse effect on the bully.
it is important to tell the parent, At least you can get an idea that you are not completely alone.
Might be an idea to keep a diary? So you can look back on it and for a few years yet be proud of yourself what you do not have performed!

Some tips for the parents themselves are also very convenient.

For example, make your child clear that it is not his / her fault that she/he teased. As a parent, it is important to bring the school up to date, unfortunately sometimes with an uplifting voice as there is not always get listened directly, but remember parents it comes to YOUR child!
You could also appeal to the parents of the bullying child.

Is compelled to help your child find new friends or well, to encourage in any case to do. Let your child in sports or do other activities as an outlet for them to develop.

Below appears a poem was written by Laura (14).

I’m afraid
Afraid to see you
Afraid to feel it again
I’m afraid

I am mad
Mad at you
Mad at you who ruined my life
I am mad

I am sad
Sad about your behavior
Sad about what you have done
I am sad

I feel pain
Pain you
Pain to see and feel
I feel pain

I’m empty
Empty of all tears
Empty the anger that I felt
I’m empty

Again, folks, it’s clear the bullying should just stop, I can talk about it, it will come back to haunt you!

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