Thailand Wants to Get Rid of Bad Reputation-No Place for Sex Tourists


Thailand Wants to Get Rid of Bad Reputation-No Place for Sex Tourists. Thailand has a particularly bad reputation because of its sex tourism, and that must change, says Prime Minister Prayut. He, therefore, calls on cities where sex tourism thrives on doing something about it.


“Everything has to change, we have to make high-quality tourist attractions of Pattaya and other popular places that have no place for sex tourism,” he says in the Bangkok Post.

Prayut responded to statements by the Gambian Minister of Tourism Hamat Bah, which had caused indignation in Thailand. The minister had defended his West African homeland, where there is also a lot of sex tourism, by saying “We are not the target of sex tourists.” If you want to have a sex destination, go to Thailand. “

According to official figures, more than 120,000 people in the Southeast Asian country earn their money in the sex industry. Prayut: “We have to be aware that this is not a good job, do not do that!”

Prostitution is officially forbidden in the largest Buddhist kingdom. But the laws are not strictly observed.

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