Bangkok With Family: Fun Activities, Excursions and Tips


Are you considering visiting Bangkok with children, but are you unsure whether it is such a good idea? Do you want the best tips or know places to visit in Bangkok with family? Then read this blog with must-sees, fun activities, excursions and tips for Bangkok. There are also free things to do in between!

With family to Bangkok

The Thai capital is, of course, a huge metropolis. A true metropolis: hypermodern and cosmopolitan, but also chaotic and thoroughly Asian. Big, busy and hectic.

For that reason, Krung Thep, as the Thai call the city itself, is not immediately the ideal destination for children. And yet that is not so bad. There is a lot of fun to do. Do not skip Bangkok during a tour with children through Thailand.

The Best places to visit in Bangkok with family

Bangkok: an attraction in itself

Bangkok is actually an attraction in itself. Monks in orange robes, golden temples gleaming in the sunlight, rushing tuk-tuks, fumigants at street food stalls, the craziest shops on wheels or a game of takraw playing Thai. Wherever you look, it intrigues.

A city you have to experience

So Bangkok is actually one big open-air museum, both for adults and for children. Not only because of the cultural sights and architectural highlights but also because of everyday Thai life. It really is a city you have to experience.

Get used to it

The city can be quite overwhelming on the first day, but if you stay there a little longer or if you come back at the end of your trip, it can suddenly be quite useful. You just have to get used to it. Once you get used to it, you love Bangkok and want to return there again and again.

Maybe you have been there before, without children, but now you want to visit Bangkok with family?

Arrange it yourself or organized?

In the past you might have arranged everything yourself; you just went out with your backpack and your Lonely Planet. You can still do that with children, but you may prefer it if many things are arranged in advance or if you want more targeted advice. Travelling with children is just a little bit different.

But first, my tips!

What you don’t do with children

Visit temples for hours, wander the night market late at night, cross the entire city or experience Khao San by night. Things that you did without children are not always feasible with kids. Or, but a little shorter. Fortunately, below I give a lot of other great tips and activities that can be done with a baby, toddler or school children.

Preferably no amusement parks and the like

To an amusement park or something? No. I think it is a shame. Family-friendly does not immediately mean that only the theme parks remain. The amusement park is Bangkok in itself. There is plenty to do there. You also have amusement parks in Europe, so I would say: keep it as local as possible. You are in Thailand for a reason, and then you want to experience just that, right?

What to do in Bangkok with children

Good. What are the fun things to do with children in Bangkok? What are the recommendations for those visiting Bangkok with kids? Which famous sights are worth visiting as a family? And what can you possibly do for free?

Below you can read my tips for Bangkok. I also tipped most things when I was working in Thailand, both to families and other travellers. These are activities that are still very popular.

Fun things to do with the family in Bangkok:

Visit a temple

Even if you are travelling with children, a visit to a temple is, of course, part of it. Bangkok has a lot of temples that are definitely worth a visit. If you have never been to the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, then that is actually a must-visit, but other famous temples such as Wat Pho and Wat Arun are also beautiful and even more fun with children. Wat Pho is exceptional to see for children because of the enormous reclining golden Buddha.

Good to know is that it can get quite busy at some temples (especially at Wat Pho, Wat Phra Keo and the Grand Palace). If you don’t want to stand in line or if you don’t feel the need to visit a huge temple complex, you can go for the smaller (but very beautiful!) Wat Arun across the Chao Praya or opt for a free temple.

Family trips to Thailand

There are a lot of places to visit in Asia with family, including Thailand. Ideal if you want to go on holiday to Thailand with your family, but if you find it challenging to plan everything yourself or if you have many questions.

Whether you want to go out as a single-parent family or as a family with 1, 2, 3 or even more children, it is all possible. Figuring everything out all by yourself takes a lot of time. Don’t you want that or can’t you figure it out? Comment below, we can arrange this for you in consultation!

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