British Police Tighten Rules for Protests in London


The British police have ordered protesters in London to end their actions on Saturday at the latest at 5:00 pm.


The deadline applies to protesters against racism as well as the right-wing counter-protesters who are also expected in the capital.

Police have assigned protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement, and right-wing demonstrators separate places to demonstrate.

Also, as a precaution, statues are shielded from historical figures, such as Winston Churchill who led the country during World War II.

Despite these measures, the authorities fear that different groups may be confronted with the images.

“We have information that right-wing extremist groups are coming to London. They say they defend statues,” Mayor Sadiq Khan said on the radio.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, an admirer of Churchill, has also taken part in that discussion. He called it “absurd and shameful” on Friday that the image of the man about whom he wrote a book is threatened.

“Yes, he sometimes made statements that are unacceptable today. But he is a hero and deserves his monument,” said the prime minister.

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