Adding Vitamin D to Bread Helps Prevent Flu


The flu or a common cold could be a year from more than 800,000 British prevented by adding vitamin D to bread and milk. People, who take vitamin D once a week, would have up to 50 percent less likely to get sick.

That writing British researchers!
They think that getting sick by preventing a cold or flu is by adding vitamin D nutrition. The immune system uses vitamin D to protect itself against bacteria and viruses.

In countries like the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland and Australia vitamin D has been added to products like bread and milk and in some foods extra vitamin D.

“We have to think about it whether it makes sense to take vitamin D to add to bread and milk. Or enough to ingest, it depends very much on how much milk and bread you eat. And it’s true that vitamin D for the maintenance of the immune system, but this research is in our view not sufficient evidence to say that you can prevent flu with vitamin D. “

“In addition, you also get vitamin D itself to under the skin.” Who is enough outside so no extra vitamin D needed? “At certain risk, we advise you to take extra vitamin D.”

Those at risk are young children, pregnant women, older people and people with dark skin. You do not fall into these risk groups, it is according to the Nutrition Center is not necessary to take extra vitamin D.

“At swallowing pills there is a risk of overdose. “Your body stores vitamin D, and at too high a dose can get your calcium deposits in the body.”
In practice, rarely such overdose, and walk only danger if you take prolonged much more vitamin D than is recommended. “So should only take vitamin D as necessary, and read the label.”

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