10 Most Popular Cities to Travel in the World and Why?


Paris is the city of love, Cape Town has men sharks, Montreal has super cold winters and in London it rains often.

So what are the 10 Most Popular Cities to Travel in the World, Let’s not start on Barcelona..

Barcelona Spain
Barcelona Spain

10. Barcelona, Spain

While most Mediterranean cities look old-fashioned, Barcelona remains a rich and youthful city. Saturated with style, idiosyncratic architecture, good food, always fun, spontaneous comments such as following a Catalonishe shoe salesman:

After London, Paris and Rome, this is the third most visited city in Europe (according to Euromonitor International). Barcelona’s inviting weather, surprisingly nice bars, pedestrian-friendly, such as La Rambia and Gothic Quarter, beach and always a good time feeling Barcelona beats the city of love, Paris.

Cape Town South Africa
Cape Town South Africa

9. Cape Town, South Africa

Last year, the iconic Table Mountain was chosen as one of the seven wonders in a poll and even defeated the Grand Canyon and the Galapagos Islands.

Even National Geographic made it the number two of the most favorite beaches in the world. But also for business people, this is one of the favorite cities. But also for the down-to-earth tourists who come here, it is a favorite city.

A cute harbor, beautiful architecture, a good wine country, great shopping, great weather, beautiful beaches, penguins and of course Table Mountain, what more do you need?

Montreal Canada
Montreal Canada

8. Montreal, Canada

Montreal is one of the forerunners as the world’s most residential cities list.

What makes Canada’s original “sin city” so popular?
A city that visitors assured that they will certainly have fun, stay up late and hangovers while here the most delicious smoked meat sandwiches to eat early in the morning.

In summer most tourists came for good reason: There are legendary festivals and markets, including the International Jazz Festival and Just for Laughs, with a world’s best-known comedians will occur.

Even if it is far below 0, the people come and have fun.

New York City USA
New York City USA

7. New York City, USA

Paris attracts more people than New York, like London, especially by the Olympics. Even Busan (South Korea), has a larger store than the former Macy’s department store in Manhattan.

Because no city is as clear as great as New York, the third most visited city in the world. Times Square and Central Park remain the most visited places in the world. And then there is also Broadway, Fifth Avenue, the Yankees stadium and all the nice neighborhoods and of course skyscrapers.

New York has a historical museum (what we heard) dinosaurs.

The point is, in every city where they have the subway, talking to a fat cop, or window shopping at 3 o’clock at night, offers a lot more discovery for visitors than anything in the world.

Paris France
Paris France

6. Paris, France

Every year more than 15 million tourists visit Paris. And not for nothing is this city visited by many tourists, beautiful art, architecture, food and fashion are all reasons to go to Paris.

For those who come for the first time, often is the same pattern: Having a checklist and a lot of walking around a lot. When you walk, you learn more about a city, but will get a better feeling about the city than for example to go by bus.

The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, it is not easy to get here. But some people especially visit these places, that they will learn more about the city and come to see again.

Petra Jordan
Petra Jordan

5. Petra, Jordan

On August 22 1812, a 27-year-old Swiss adventurer named Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, took a few Bedouin men about to lead him through a narrow valley in the Arabian Desert, where the so-called “lost” city was the ancient world.

A few centuries later, the great ruins of Jordan’s rose-red city, which dates back more than 2,000 years ago, welcomed many architects, guides, Indiana Jones scouting for locations and more than half a million visitors a year who are more amazed the city than the expensive entrance price they have to pay. This is so this city comes in 10 Most Popular Cities int he world.

UNESCO website has not so long ago, the city named as “World Wonder”. Petra may perhaps be called the only city in the Middle East that is in the Top 10 where no war has broken out. It seems that Petra each year is becoming more popular.

San Francisco USA
San Francisco USA

4. San Francisco, USA

There is no place in America has such spectacular bridges, houses has hills ringing cable cars, sea lions at Pier 39, which is so relaxed.

Every year 16 million tourists visit this great city.

Santiago Chile
Santiago Chile

3. Santiago, Chile

There are bigger Carnivals and Tango festivals on the other side of the Andes, but would Buenos Aires or Rio look so sickly after an earthquake of 8.8?

More importantly, it is super nice weather, music happier, sexier cafes, better hours, bars and tougher-looking men in gray suits and sunglasses.

It is therefore no surprise that New York’s this city has placed on the number one of the 41 places, you should visit to know why it comes in 10 Most Popular Cities.

August Bonus: If you want to go heli-skiing, in the middle of summer, an hour away from the city, there will be no city that can run something as cheap and close to can offer.


Shanghai China
Shanghai China

2. Shanghai, China

In the 30s Shanghai was known as the Paris of the East. Today, Shanghai is the richest and busiest city in China.

Shanghai is a city where the impossible is possible. From modern to old-fashioned. It is a city worth visiting.

Tokyo Japan
Tokyo Japan

1. Tokyo, Japan

Each city advertises with the slogan “Many cities in one.” But Tokyo is a city that does not.

In the madness of the Japanese capital, is said tourists here have the biggest culture shock. From the crowds on the Shibuya crossing, canoeing under the cherry blossoms in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, into a flooded stadium with cheering fans of sumo wrestlers in Rygoku Kokugikan Stadium or in one of Tokyo’s food 160,000 restaurants.

A culinary world where more Michelin stars than anywhere else in the world, or early morning to go to the tuna auction at Tsukiji Central fish Market, where more than 1,000 hangars are displayed with fish.

In Tokyo people bend for you and they do not bump their heads, but they do this out of courtesy. Sometimes they say they’re just as a God.

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