Theresa May asks EU Countries to Expel Russians

Theresa May asks EU Countries to Expel Russians. British Prime Minister Theresa May asks European leaders also to expel Russian diplomats ‘to dismantle the Kremlin network in Europe.’


The British newspaper The Guardian reported that May warns at the European summit today and tomorrow that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a threat that can last for years. London has expelled 23 Russian diplomats.

May sees a whole pattern of Russian aggressive behavior, and European democracies need to stand shoulder to shoulder to stand up.

The British government leader is against the Kremlin because her government is convinced that the Russian state is behind an assassination attempt with an exceptional kind of nerve gas. At the beginning of March, a former Russian double spy, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Joelia got into a coma in Salisbury in the south of England.

Russia states that it has no motive to get rid of the ex-spy now, and certainly not with the peculiar poison that has ever been developed as chemical weapons in the Soviet Union.

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