What is Social Anxiety?


Social anxiety or social phobia is a term that is used for an excessive and degrading fear that occurs when you interact with other people or when you are moving among others.

Where you’re mostly afraid of a negative assessment by a different person from you. You do not want negative attention and scrutiny you’d rather go out of the way.

Of course everyone is sometimes concerned with the question “What does he/she love me? ‘, But with a social anxiety, this much further and it also hinders effective daily life or some situations preferably avoided.

Forms of Social Anxiety

There are various forms of social anxiety. So you can feel shameful for example, or even what humiliated when you find others that you have some anxious, also tense in some situations, you want this also completely prevented.

Social anxiety can also mean that you are afraid not to communicate well, so you’re afraid that you will awkwardly from your words and you cannot make clear what you mean or just weird stuff going to say.

It can also mean social anxiety that you’re simply afraid of rejections on your looks or your body. When these forms of social anxiety provide a hindrance.

Insecurity and Social Anxiety

Social anxiety has to do with uncertainty in general. Such as you feel shy or inhibited in certain situations, you feel tense when you are in more formal situations or be ashamed fast for your behavior.

Often this uncertainty is compensated by additional right to want to be good which often can provide a somewhat tense atmosphere. Social anxiety also can ensure the avoidance of certain situations and responsibilities.

When you’re dealing with social anxiety may be that you personally inhibited. You are more difficult to form relationships, have fewer social contacts, is not participating in groups and various training or promotion opportunities at work to go beyond your nose because you social interaction more going out of the way.

What can you do now against a social phobia?

If you find yourself being hindered in life by a social phobia and want to do something here, you can go to your family doctor or a coach right which can help in tackling the fears.

It mainly involves interviews, self-help and support that you have a lot to.

Eventually, you will of course ensure that you have no or little bothered by your fears. Even if you have a relapse is to intervene in the important time. Social anxiety is often not simply passing on its own.

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