US Blacklists 27 More Companies

The United States has expanded its blacklist, which prohibits American companies from trading, including 27 new tech companies, including some specialising in quantum technology.


With the so-called Entity List, the US wants to prevent American technology from supporting military activities by China and Russia. Blacklisted companies will be banned from trading in the United States, making it more difficult for them to buy equipment and software.

The new additions to the blacklist include companies located in China, Japan, Pakistan and Singapore. In addition, eight Chinese companies are specifically added to the list for the support they provide in modernising the Chinese military. These parties deploy quantum technology that supports military applications, such as actions against submarines. The US also hopes to prevent China from developing quantum technology to, for example, crack encryption or develop unbreakable encryption.

Sixteen entities and individuals operating in China and Pakistan have been added to the Entity List based on their contribution to Pakistan’s “unsafe nuclear activities” and ballistic missile programs. Three associates of Corad Technology Limited have been added to the Entity List for involvement in the sale of American and Western technology to Iran for military and aerospace purposes, North Korean companies, the Chinese government and the Chinese military.

This is the second time this month that the list has been expanded. Earlier, the US also put Israel’s NSO on the Entity List, following a complaint by WhatsApp against the company’s hacking and spying tools.

The US also reports that a Russian company has been added to another blacklist: the Military End-User (MEU) list. According to the US government, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology produces military products for military end users.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government tells Reuters news agency that it is disappointed with the additions and maybe taking steps back.

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