Polyp Removed from Biden is Benign

The polyp removed from US President Joe Biden during a bowel examination last week is “benign”. His doctor already suspected this, but it is now also apparent from research into the tissue. It is a slow-growing polyp, and there is no cancer.


According to the White House doctor, “no further action is required” after the polyp was removed from the 79-year-old president during the so-called colonoscopy.

Biden was sedated during the investigation and replaced by Vice President Kamala Harris for nearly 1.5 hours, the White House previously reported. It was the first time in American history that power was temporarily transferred to a woman. Biden is now back at work.

A previous medical examination in December 2019 also found no serious problems. Biden did have an irregular heartbeat and relatively much fat in his blood. He takes medication for that.

Biden was hospitalized in 1988 after several veins had burst.

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