Americans are Already Shopping Online During Thanksgiving

Americans have presumably already bought online in record quantities on Thanksgiving Day and not waited for Black Friday. That prediction is made by market researcher Adobe Analytics.


However, sales may be slightly lower than economists had previously expected.

The market researcher thinks that on Thanksgiving Thursday, between 5.1 billion and 5.4 billion dollars was spent. Adobe previously expected sales to reach $5.9 billion, but the market researcher now points out that sales have already exceeded expectations this entire month. In addition, consumers would have started shopping for the holidays earlier because of all the stories about delivery problems.

The fact that a record in online sales is nevertheless achieved is also because more and more shops remain closed during the holiday, forcing consumers to the online stores. In addition, American companies, including shops, have struggled to find enough staff since the corona pandemic.

The most popular products at Thanksgiving were electronics like iPads and Apple Watches and Oculus Quest virtual reality glasses and Nintendo Switch game consoles. Computer games and other toys were also in demand.

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