Tim Cook-Augmented Reality as Important as Smartphone

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, augmented reality looks like a ‘core technology’ which can be as fundamental as the smartphone.

Tim Cook said during his tour in Europe with a journalist from the British newspaper The Independent. In that interview showed Cook clear that he, and therefore Apple sees a great future for augmented reality (AR), which can be seen virtual images of the real world.

Virtual reality (VR) takes the Apple CEO considerably less interesting. “I’m very excited about augmented reality because unlike VR – that the world excludes -. AR individuals permitted to be present in the real world and hopefully enables improvement.”

According to Cook people do not long shutdown of the world, and that can not even without being sick. AR can according to Cook, without you all deeply in it, are a part of your world. “I consider it a great idea, just like the smartphone. Your smartphone for everyone. We do not need to remember which group, country, or market fits an iPhone.

I think that AR is also so big, it’s huge. I look at AR as I look at the silicon in my iPhone. it is not necessarily a product, but a core technology. “There are many things that people can really help in their daily lives. that’s why I’m so excited about . “

Apple team working on AR glasses
Tim Cook has hinted in earlier interviews that he is excited about AR. Secretly a team would work on an AR glasses. There are Apple patents AR-spotted and the company has several VR and AR experts hired. IOS developer has in the code of iOS even possible sites for a future Apple AR glasses found.

Tim Cook’s statements indicate that Apple’s big bet on AR, but a much smaller role looks for VR applications. But it is likely that in the Apple labs also investigates VR. Competitors such as Google and Facebook have indeed already VR goggles on the market.

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