Adobe Launches its Own AI Assistant for PDF Files


Adobe has introduced an AI assistant in its Reader and Acrobat applications. He can make summaries of or answer questions about PDF files.


The AI assistant is currently still in the testing phase in Acrobat. Still, the software company promises to bring the functionality to Reader in the coming days and weeks. Once the AI assistant is ready, the company wants to include the functionality in a paying subscription formula.

At this moment, Adobe introduces functionality already offered by many start-ups and websites that rely on OpenAI applications. For example, the AI assistant will help users extract short content overviews from long PDF documents. For such an ‘executive summary’ based on AI, you can already contact Hypotenuse, among others, but there are many other tools on the market.

This also applies to asking the AI assistant questions about the information in a document. You do this via a ‘conversational interface’, as we know it from ChatGPT. Adobe also says that the AI assistant can produce text for various ‘output’ formats such as emails, presentations and reports.

The significant advantage that Adobe can put forward is that the functionality is built directly into your PDF reader or editor. All other competing services require you to upload a PDF first, which can also raise privacy questions in a business context.

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