Sufferings of Tourism Lover Due to Corona Crisis can be Repaired-Let’s Find Out How?


Covid-19 is supposed to be an immense shock for tourists. Corona crisis is a global crisis, and it was also believed that Covid-19 would set the global tourism industry back 20 years. United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) also states that this global crisis has badly affected the tourism sector.

Global tourism and tourism lovers are devastated and go through travel anxiety now. In 2021 when the vaccine is in the market, tourists still can’t get over this fear and are in significant pain because travelling is their life. Still, travel anxiety is destroying all their future travelling plans and hopelessness at this point.

This article will get a minor update about few socio-economic impacts from the pandemic on the tourism industry. The sufferings of tourism lovers due to this global crisis will also be discussed. Some ideas to get out of this situation to overcome the pain of tourists and revival of the tourism industry, which is very important, will also be part of this update.

Systematic travel restrictions are imposed on tourists that discouraged the people from travelling even if they want to spend their holidays and enjoy their lives before this global crisis.UNWTO states that about the socio-economic loss that COVID-19 caused over 70% decrease in tourist
traffic in 2020 compared to 2019, and the need of the day is a rapid adjustment of the tourism industry.

But as the vaccine is now in the market, tourists have now hope, and the tourism industry can revive. So few measures need to be taken by every tourist or every person who is sick of staying at home and want to go out and have fun with their families and plan a vacation in a safe place.
The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that public specialists keep on applying a danger based methodology when carrying out measures related to COVID-19 and global travel while regarding the respect, common liberties and basic
opportunities of voyagers.

For a tourist in this 21st Century, there are still 20 safe places to travel after taking safety measures. So tourists can go to these places and enjoy their life.

The list of these 20 places is:

  1. Tbilisi, Georgia
  2. Corfu, Greece
  3. Cavtat, Croatia
  4. Azores Islands
  5. Preveza, Greece
  6. Alentejo, Portugal
  7. Batumi, Adjara, Georgia
  8. Zagreb, Croatia
  9. Algarve, Portugal
  10. Sibiu, Romania
  11. Kotor, Montenegro
  12. Rijeka, Croatia
  13. Warsaw, Poland
  14. Vienna, Austria
  15. Malta
  16. Bohinj, Slovenia
  17. Gdansk, Poland
  18. Vilnius, Lithuania
  19. Riga, Latvia
  20. Wild Taiga, Finland

For little more guidance of tourists, here is a minor update about these places and how safe they are, and how travelling in these 20 places could bring back their peace of mind. Little detail is here:
Greece is reopened for tourists but with proof of vaccination. Corfu and Preveza are the two best places to visit as a tourist.

Corfu Greece

Tbilisi, Batumi, Adjara are safe places in Georgia for tourists, according to the latest update.


Alentejo, Algarve are safe places in Portugal for tourism.

Algarve Portugal

Warsaw, Gdansk are safe places in Poland for tourism.

Warsaw poland
These 20 places hope for tourists by taking safety measures and following the rules set by WHO for tourists. As a result, these places can be visited with zero anxiety. So live your life and travel again. A bright sunny day is waiting for you because the dark night is over.

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