Real Facts about Asthma


The Asthma is a continuous lung state. Irritation, muscle tightening and increased mucus could cause the airways to be narrowed, as a consequence the air can’t move inside the lungs and makes breathing difficult. It gets triggered every time when the air you are breathing in, is not in the pure form. Asthma patients are strictly advised to use

Asthma patients are strictly advised to use mask when they travel to some place where they can get exposed to smoke and dust. Once triggered it is very painful as one faces pain and difficulty in breathing. Choking in some cases may lead to death as well.

This is the reason why Asthma patients always keep the inhaler with them which instantly helps them to breath. Some patients even get Asthma attacks due to sharp smells like deodorants, pigments, perfumes, spray paints, air freshener and even the sharp food aroma. It also get problematic in the changing seasons as the storms and winds make air impure and dust particles are suspended inside the air.

What Causes Asthma?
The causes of asthma are not completely understood, but it may possibly be somewhat inherited.Since lungs of everyone are responsive to different things like pollens, strong chemicals or air pollution. Simply the people suffering with asthma have sensitive lungs than normal.

There are three procedures that could produce asthma symptoms in the lungs:

  • The First is, the airway’ internal linings become swollen. They inflamed, leave less space for the air to pass through the lungs.
  • The Second is, the muscles can tighten around the airways, closing their passageway.
  • The third is, the airways start producing the mucus in the response to swelling, obstruction the shrunken tube.

Asthma could be triggered by
It could be activated by some external substance that mainly irritates the lungs. These activators are mostly the little protein units that are called allergens.

There are some people who are sensitive to many triggers. The Commonly known allergens are:

•    Dander of animals
•    Particles of the cockroach
•     Tree, pollen and grass.
•    Dust mites of house
•    Moulds in the wet areas

Some people may get an asthma attack from something that they ingest than they breathe.

For instance, these triggers could be:

•    The medications for anti-inflammation
•    nuts
•    The preservatives in drinks or food items
•    Cause of Asthma attacks

Those People who work with these products might be at risk of attacks:

•    The intake of antibiotics
•    The cotton and flax
•    The detergents
•    The paints and foams
•    The cereals and grains
•    Filling and covering materials from the non-allergic irritants:
•    Laughing loudly, shouting, or crying
•    Pollution and smolder
•    Sharp smells
•    Unexpectedly start breathing the cold air
•    Strong exercise
•    The cold or the flu

Symptoms of Asthma
It is differentiated by the swelling of the bronchial tubes. There is excessive secretion of sticky substances within the tubes. The Common asthma symptoms are:

The Common asthma symptoms are:

•    Repeated Coughing at night
•    Breathless
•    Difficulty in breathing
•    Chest pain,  pressure or tightness
•    Feeling exhausted or frail while exercising
•    Feeling upset, moody or bad-tempered
•    Changes in the  lung function
•    The Signs of allergies or cold
•    Feeling Trouble in sleeping

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